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At Kopper Creek, we look forward to getting to know your family
and to build you a home that perfectly meets your wants, desires, and needs.

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At Kopper Creek we focus on providing quality, system built homes to those in the Minot, ND and surrounding areas.


By using a factory we are able to substantially expedite the time it takes to get your home built.


By implementing the use of highly implemented systems, we are able to reduce costs for you, our customer.


By using traditional building methods  with automated highly efficient systems we make homes better.


Because we have a great team, we are able to minimize the work for all parties involved. Our process of getting the perfect home for you is..easy!

Let’s build great things together

We have a unique process and way of going about the home building process. Our plans are drawn out by hand to make sure that you get the unique, perfect home that you are looking for and deserve.




We strive to be the best home builder in North Dakota. We do this through various means including providing quality customer service, proving ourselves to our customers through integrity, and by providing a quality product to our customers that they can be proud of.  At Kopper Creek, we value our customers.

  • Craftmanship 100% 100%
  • Integrity 100% 100%
  • Customer Service 100% 100%
  • Quality 100% 100%



Kopper Creek is headquartered in Minot, ND and understands the unique challenges of building homes in ND.

With experience in the factory-built housing industry since the mid-1980s, KC and Cayttie Heister opened Kopper Creek Building LLC in February 2003.

Kopper Creek’s expertise and commitment to your satisfaction will make the process as smooth as possible.

Kopper Creek is a North Dakota business that is family owned and operated business with a proven reputation of integrity and value for your dollar.

The Heister family at Kopper Creek is happy to assist any buyers with a land/home breakdown so every homebuyer understands all of the costs associated with building a home.




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As a North Dakota and Colorado home builder, Kopper Creek understands the unique challenges of building in North Dakota. In order to meet these challenges, we have a highly trained staff that is ready to assist you in the home construction process. With these things in place we are able to minimize downtime by not having to look for contractors in a thriving North Dakota Market. Further, we are ready to navigate the North Dakota winter and make sure your home is able to be built in a timely manner.


At Kopper Creek, we pride ourselves on providing quality, custom homes. With over 20 years of building expertise, our staff is ready to help customize the basic floor plan that you want into the home of your dreams. Feel free to browse our website to see some of the floor plans or call us at 701-839-5300 to schedule a personal tour of our display center.


We believe that there are two things that need character, the staff that you are working with and your home. With over 20 years of experience, you can be assured that the staff that you will be working with are people that have proven integrity. Further, you can also be assured that the home that is built for you will have character to make it stand out from the rest.


We don’t build homes to simply get a paycheck, we build homes to last. Our experience and track record proves that. We know that when building a dream home, most likely, it is intended to be your forever home. We take the time to make sure that you are able to get all the exquisite details that you need in your home and then we build it with quality.

What others say about us


We began our journey with Kopper Creek in September of 2011. Minot, ND went through a horrible flood & our home was damaged enough that we had to demolish. My husband & I had some decisions to make that were very difficult. Do we rent, buy or build on our lot where our home once sat. My husband happened to stop into Kopper Creek & thought I might like. We decided on a specific model & our journey began. We began interior changes, Flooring. & Tile choices ect.. It was a stressful time for us. KC & Cayttie were always there to answer our questions. They are top notch in their building expertise & caring To their customers. You can not go wrong choosing Kooper Creek for your home needs.

Marsha F.

Thank You Cayttie, KC, Tex, and all the guys at Kopper Creek for our beautiful home! Your quality of work, personal attention, and the way you go above and beyond for your customers if truly phenomenal. From start to finish, your helpful guidance made the process of building a new home flow smoothly. You answered all our questions and customized our home the way we envisioned it. From custom rock work to logs, our home is perfect! Gabe, you are a true artisan in every sense of the word. We can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done. You guys are amazing! We highly recommend you to everyone!

Jan G.

Kopper Creek was by far the best quality modular home builder we found in our area of North Dakota. We have been blessed not only by the quality of the craftsmanship of our home but by the time that Kopper Creek invested in us – helping us create the home we wanted and incorporating our needs to make our home flow beautifully. Cayttie is an incredible visionary with a gift of understanding what you want and how to accomplish it! WE LOVE OUR HOME! Thank you Kopper Creek!!

Yukiko J.

I am writing this letter to recommend the services of Kopper Creek Homes, Inc. In 2013, our firm began development on a 165 acre mixed use project in Williston, North Dakota. the area was underserved for both the residential and apartment product which was in high demand due to the oil exploration taking place in the region. Upon completion of our first 330 units of multifamily we pursued the development of 36 residential homes for lease or sale. The project was a joint venture, Champion Homes provided factory built homes delivered to our project and Kopper Creek homes set and fully completed each home ready for sale or lease. The project was challenging due to the remote nature and short building season of Williston, ND, lack of available labor in the market, an accelerated 14 month project schedule and a high level of quality demanded by the owner.

David U.

We have a home that Kopper Creek built for us several years ago and have been extremely please with it. KC is an excellent designer and builder. We gave him ideas for what we wanted in the house and he did a wonderful job of putting it all in perspective and built it. There were many obstacles created by the county officials and he was very good at negotiateing and obtaining thr prmits we needed. He was very patient with us through all the design, correction and building phase. It is one of the nicest houses in Ouray County colorado. KC also built and remodeled other structures for us and they are great. We would never hesitate to do business with them again

Josephine L.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you, your staff and your subcontractors for the professionalism shown to the City or Ouray, our surrounding neighbors, and myself during the construction of our residence on 3rd street.

I can clearly remember the look on your face when I asked if you and your firm would be interested in building our family a 2nd home in Ouray, Co. You seemed eager and up to the task until I informed you that I too was a building contractor in California! Like a mechanic hates working on his own car, most builders do not like to work on their own projects. Thank you for taking the risk and agreeing to be our builder.

Jim C.

Within a week of moving into our home, we had water overflow upstairs and a sewage leak in our finished basement. We were left with a gutted bathroom, basement, and kitchen. After calling 10 different contractors in the area and never hearing back, my husband found Kopper Creek. Got an answer and set up a time to give us a quote within a day of us contacting them. Jordan and KC were super friendly and professional. They did a great job. Got things done when they said they would and never gave us a run around when we asked them for paperwork, since we are working through our insurance. They took the time to explain everything and made sure everything looked the way my husband wanted. I really appreciated the time they took to do things right and how professional they were. After dealing with the insurance company, adjusters, and plumbers for over 2 months and having a half gutted house, the least painful part of this whole ordeal was the rebuilding. We would absolutely recommend them and use them again!

Liz G.



We pride ourselves on bringing experience. We are confident that you will not be disappointed in the products that we provide nor the service that we provide throughout. Put your house dreams into the hands of the experts.