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Getting your home financed can be stressful, check out our solutions to help keep the process a little simpler.


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What is a system built home?

A system built home is built in a controlled factory environment in sections, or modules, and is engineered and built to the state or local building codes where the home will be located. System built modules are then transported to the site, where they are installed on permanent foundations and completed by professional builder. Kopper Creek is the North Dakota home builder that specializes in system built homes.

Built Faster, Less Worry

Unlike site-built homes, which can take many months to complete, system built construction reduces build time by over 35%. Quicker construction time can save you money and reduce some of the stress of building your new home. The faster your home is built, the sooner you can enjoy it. And because most system built construction can be completed in less time than site built, the cost of interim construction financing is significantly reduced or eliminated. Kopper Creek is the North Dakota home builder with the North Dakota experience and relationships to make this process a reality.

Plus all of the advantages of site-built homes

Whats the difference between site-built and system built homes? A site-built home is constructed on site over a period of many weeks; a sytem built home is assembled on site and is usually finished within a week. Otherwise, both are constructed to adhere to the same building codes and zoning regulations. So, why not take advantage of modern system built construction when considering your new home? Our system built homes come in a variety of styles including ranches, cape cods and two-story models, just to name a few. Many of our models offer exceptional architectural options, exterior elevations and interior designs. As a North Dakota home builder, Kopper Creek understands North Dakota home builder guidelines.

Additional Savings

Purchasing a system built home can bring additional benefits. As the system built, North Dakota home builder expert, Kopper Creek works with large factories that can pass along savings is achieved through modern construction methods, value engineering and volume purchases of building materials.


At Kopper Creek our commitment to quality starts with the first nail. Every module of our modular homes is professionally engineered and built by experienced and skilled craftsmen. Throughout the building process, our homes are continually inspected to ensure they comply with the appropriate building code, and also are built to our high quality standards. With years of experience in modular construction, Kopper Creek knows quality and build it into every one of our homes.

The Kopper Creek Process

Find a Floorplan

Each factory has numerous floor plans which we can customize. Please feel free to browes any of the factories websites to find a unique floor plan that you prefer. This website contains detailed information about the model homes that Kopper Creek build routinely carries on our lot. Please feel free to call us at 701.839.5300 to schedule a personal tour of our lot homes. After you determine a base model, Kopper Creek’s trained and experienced professionals will guide you through customizing the floor plan to your dream home. Then, we will sit down and discuss cabinet types, floor types, colors, appliances, and much much more. As a North Dakota home builder that is family owned and operated business, KC and Caytee Hiester are involved in every purchase and bring over 20 years of building expertise to the process.


Finally, as a North Dakota home builder Kopper Creek understands the unique challenges of building homes in North Dakota. In order to meet these challenges, we have a employeed team to assist in the home construction process. This minimizes downtime from looking for contractors which are difficult to find in the thriving North Dakota market. Additionally, as North Dakota home builders, Kopper creek looks forward to meeting with our customers during the cold winter months. During these months, we will work with the factories to get your house ready for the spring. Finally, we will help guide you on getting the utilities set-up which is sometimes difficult as North Dakota’s infastructure is still expanding to meet the housing demand.


We pride ourselves on being an expert in our field. We are confident that you will not be disappointed in the products that we provide nor the service that we provide throughout. Put your house dreams into the hands of the experts.